About the arrest of fascist protesters who threatened to attack Occupy London…

john darroch

I’m really really uncomfortable about this, I have participated in anti - fascist demo’s where through a significant police presence the two groups have been kept apart with no violence and minimal/no arrests.

The occupy movement should be condemning mass arrests of this sort, surely the cops could find some violent rhetoric towards bankers and use the same tactic to arrest Occupiers.

 Sirkowski in reply to john darroch 

Are you a concern troll or simply delusional?

Antinous / Moderator in reply to Sirkowski 

Are those mutually exclusive?

Quothz in reply to Antinous / Moderator 

Gosh, someone on the Internet doesn’t share your opinion and posts a brief, cogent alternate opinion? Get out the torches, boy, we got us a troll!

I mean, really, Antonius and Sirk, look at yourselves. Is the opposition to mass arrests as a principle -really- such a controversial, hate-provoking stance that it’s reasonable to dismiss anyone with that notion as a troublemaker?

Sirkowski in reply to Quothz 

Maybe it’s just me, but personally, I don’t like violent fascists to threaten my physical well being. And I would appreciate if the police didn’t wait after these fascists broke my face before arresting them.

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